No other title agency in the state has more experience in complex title matters than Fortune Title Agency

Marketing tip: Let your customers love you back and strengthen your reputation for you

February is the month for love (Happy Valentine’s Day). In today’s modern market, everyone in real estate is doing our best to show our love to our customers and transactional partners. It’s what millennials want, and more importantly, what anyone should expect in 2019. But what if those happy customers — by simply showing their gratitude to you — could help you bring in more clients? We’ve all heard about online reviews, but trust us when we say this, asking for more could really pay off. Recent research shows that almost everyone reads them and that 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as their friends’ recommendations. You might be thinking, “Well, isn’t it awkward to ask customers for their review of my work?” The simple answer is no. People are asked to review just about everything, you’re not going to be an extra burden. In fact, people like sharing their experience. Fifty-nine percent of consumers have written reviews on local businesses and only 14 percent of people said they would never give their opinion that way. Bottom line is you should be asking for reviews from gracious customers and longtime partners. You could get it from them before they ever leave the building. If that’s too forward, ask via email in a nice thank-you note a few days later. Put yourself out there, you may be surprised by the results. If you’d like to give Fortune Title a Facebook recommendation or a Google review after reading this, please do. We’ll love you even more for it.  You can also check out some of the reasons our customers love us on the testimonial page on our website!... read more

Fortune Fact

It’s puppy season!!!  As you may or may not know, Fortune Title is a dog friendly office. If you do a quick search online, you will see many articles lauding the benefits of pets in the office. Improved morale, reduced stress and stress-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and reduced employee absenteeism are a few of the positive effects. Fortune employees can attest to this firsthand, as we feel our spirits rise and can’t help smiling when we feel that little nuzzle at our ankles. Our Fortune Family of furry friends has grown this year; employees have acquired Charlie (a Havanese), Mia and Jeter (Mal-Shis), Stella (a Beagle mix), and Petey (a mutt; DNA test pending)! And the most recent editions are four newborn puppies, currently nameless, who came into this world just in time for the holidays! We hope these newbies will soon join the other pups that trot around spreading joy through our... read more

Founded in 2000, Fortune Title Agency has gained a reputation for leadership and innovation in title services. The agency began by specializing in comprehensive foreclosure reports, R.E.O. Reports and R.E.O. property insurance.

Through hard work, word-of-mouth and a reputation for quality, the company has grown to become a major provider of conventional title services and is proud to serve the majority of foreclosure attorneys in New Jersey.

Not only do we provide our clients with unparalleled expertise and personal service, but Fortune Title is compliant with the latest security and regulatory requirements of our industry. When you choose Fortune Title Agency, you are forming a partnership with an established and respected industry leader.

Relationships come first at Fortune

As a family-owned business, we treat everyone like family.

That includes our staff, customers and vendors. Our customers benefit from working with highly trained expert staff who love what they do and get rewarded when they exceed your expectations. History alone is not enough when it comes to providing industry leading support—every member of our team is passionate about technology and the industry at large.

When it comes to our employees, we never cut corners, offering:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Generous compensation
  • A fun work environment
  • Out-of-office team gatherings
  • Regular performance rewards

If you would like to join our team, please contact us.

The leaders of Fortune Title Agency

Nicole Plath

Nicole Plath

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole’s Education TipsNicole Plath graduated from Villanova University in 2002 with a Bachelors in the Management of Information Systems. In 2005, she received her Masters Degree in Information Systems.

Since joining Fortune Title Agency in 2008, Nicole has been a driving force within the company, transforming Fortune’s software and business processing systems, and saving the company hundreds of thousands in her first year alone. Nicole’s foresight while serving as Fortune’s Vice President has been directly attributed to the company’s ability to rebound from legislation that placed New Jersey’s foreclosure market in a cash flow freeze.

Nicole is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Fortune Title Agency.

She is involved in the following organizations:

  • Morris County Chamber of Commerce
  • Network of Opportunity
  • New Jersey Land Title Association
  • Pennsylvania Land Title Association
  • American Land Title Association—Best Practices Task force & Accounting Committee Member

Winner of NJAWBO ‘Notable Newcomer’ award
Featured in New Jersey Women segment.

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Nick Timpanaro

Nick Timpanaro


Ask NickNicholas P. Timpanaro started his career in the title industry in 1986 as a title abstractor in Hudson County. Along with his wife, Dorri, he grew the business to service over 100 title agents. In 1990, he was hired as Chief Title Examiner and Manager of the Foreclosure Department at First Financial Title Insurance Company. In 1994, he became President of Commerce Title Agency, Inc. and built the business to produce over 35% of all the foreclosures in the state of New Jersey.

In 2000, he opened Fortune Title Agency, Inc. and expanded the business even further to not only perform Mortgage Foreclosures, but also Tax Sale Foreclosures, REO Property Sales, Purchases, and Refinances. In addition to being an expert in the title industry, he is also heavily involved in his community and helping those around him. Some of the organizations he is involved in are:

  • Boy Scouts Of America
  • North Essex Chamber of Commerce
  • Morris County Chamber of Commerce
  • Legal Vendors Network (hotlink to
  • Venture Crew Advisor – Crew 2 Verona, NJ
  • New Jersey Title Association

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