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Legendary coach John Wooden once said that “good values are like a magnet, they attract good people.” Fortune Title’s company values has allowed us to build a tremendous team of professionals and provided us with the opportunity to work with a variety of real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, builders and so many others in the real estate community.  This month I’m sharing three of our company values and what they mean for our team and our customers.
Family: Fortune Title is a family company and values the families of our team. We appreciate the our history and know that we’re stronger because of our family bond, trust and humility.​​​​​​​ Families have each other’s backs and while that’s true internally, it’s something we bring to the table for every single customer we have. We want your real estate experience to be exceptional, and like a family, we’ll lend a hand when needed to make sure your transaction exceeds your expectations.
Integrity: Some definitions of integrity focus on moral high ground, however, our definition centers on honesty, fairness and trustworthiness. We treat our team with respect and expect a high level of professionalism in their work. We operate with integrity on behalf of our customers to provide the best title search and closing experience throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.
Accountability: Providing a great experience for our customers means that we’re responsible for your transaction or project from start to finish. We value our customer’s business and that means we hold ourselves to a high standard to ensure your experience is on-time and without hassle. We are responsible for ensuring your real estate transaction is compliant and efficient. We’re also accountable to our community. Fortunes Cares is our way to give back to the community as a company. We value the business we’ve received and enjoy donating our time and energy the communities we love.
Check back again next month for more on Fortune Title’s values.
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