Make your open house experience more digital-friendly with these two tips

The Fortune Title family’s goal is to always deliver the best customer experience for you. We pride ourselves on being the accessible, accurate and efficient title and closing provider you and your clients deserve.

However, our work isn’t done there. We want to assist you in every way possible, and this month that means giving our Realtor friends tech-related tips they can use to better reach today’s modern customers, including those sought-after millennial buyers.

  • Upgrade to a digital sign-in program for open houses. Today, there are more options out there than the pen and pad of paper at the entryway of a home, and they are all designed to save you time by making following up easy! Bonus: No more worrying about messy, unreadable handwriting either. Lots of people like a program called Open Home Pro (and there are both free and paid versions of it), but there are plenty of other options out there too.
  • You may have heard before, but it’s worth reinforcing: Realtors should be creating video tours of homes. It’s a great way to showcase a new listing, get people excited about an upcoming open house and connect with interested buyers who can’t see the property in person right away. An easy way to produce such a video is to use Facebook Live or Instagram Stories.
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