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Your financial and legal standing are at risk when title agencies fail to provide a thorough, efficient service. With Fortune Title Agency’s team of title experts and cutting edge technologies you never have to worry about the title process slowing your closing down.

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Question:  With all of the growing concern about wire fraud, how does Fortune Title protect its clients from becoming a victim? Nick’s Answer: Wire fraud has become more prevalent than ever. The best way to protect all parties involved in a transaction is open communication from the beginning of the closing process regarding the possibility of wire fraud.  Fortune Title informs our purchasers and their representatives at the beginning that our wiring instructions will never change. We send our wiring instructions out in a secure (encrypted) email so that they cannot be intercepted. In addition, we advise our clients to call our office to confirm our wiring instructions before sending any money. We also advise that if anyone emails a supposed wire change to them, they should immediately contact us directly. Any change to wiring instructions supposedly from us or anyone else just prior to closing should be considered a suspicious act that throws up a red flag.  In fact, we recently had a fraud situation that was averted due to the diligence of the buyer, who received an email appearing to be sent from our office on a Friday for a Monday closing. The scam message requested that the funds be wired to the new account information attached to the email. Luckily, no money was lost because the buyer was aware of the likelihood that this was a wire fraud scam and contacted our office immediately, thereby avoiding becoming yet another victim of this nationwide problem.   We hope this Ask Nick is helpful to your work. If you have a question you’d like to Ask Nick, please email read more
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Does your closing come to a standstill when you reach the title stage?

  1. Your title agency is constantly distracting you with questions on how to handle the problems that their searches unveil


  3. You have to chase someone to figure out what stage your title process is in


  5. Your Paralegal or Mortgage Processor is getting bogged down managing the title process


  7. Your team’s workflow efficiency is suffering

For more than a decade, our team of title processors have served as trusted partners in mortgage and tax sale foreclosures and title insurance – including REO property sales, purchases, refinances and settlements.

Our comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of title regulation enable us to proactively resolve challenging situations and speed closings with industry leading turnaround times.

Our team of title experts are trained in adherence with the latest, most rigorous compliance requirements affecting the title industry, including American Land Title Association’s Best Practices. We are so confident in our ability to protect the accuracy of each title submission that we assume liability for any judgment omissions.

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