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Have you ever considered what you value most in your working relationships? If we’re asked about our personal values it’s easy to list what’s most important to us. It’s important that our Fortune Title team can articulate the collective values of our company. Knowing what’s most important allows us to better serve our real estate agent, lender and attorney. Last month we shared some initial values (family, integrity and accountability) and today we’re happy to highlight more of what makes Fortune Title work better for our clients.

Support: It’s no secret that Fortune Title is a family. Not just a family business, but a family that supports each other in everything that we do. That goes beyond only supporting each other with cheers and affirmation. That also means making sure that Fortune Title is structured so that every team member and department is helping all their colleagues achieve customer satisfaction for every project we work on. So, when you choose Fortune Title, you are choosing an entire family to work on your transaction with you. Talk about a support team!

Compassion: The Fortune Title team believes in being compassionate both in and outside the office. Being compassionate outside the office is easy thanks to our Fortune Cares program. We’re very proud of the multitude of opportunities this program has afforded our employees and the benefit it provides the communities we serve. It’s often said that the person giving their time gets more out of the experience than the individual receiving the service. Fortune Cares embodies that sentiment. Compassion inside our office is harder to define. But we know that maintaining a flexible and understanding environment benefits both our employees and clients.

Drive: Fortune Title is what it is today because of the drive and determination of our leaders, our staff and the passion of our customers. We know how hard our team works and are proud of that dedication, but we know that every situation is a test of that work ethic. Our Fortune Title family intends to find solutions for any challenge. Let us show you why we continue to be the best choice for title and closing services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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