Increasing Your Repeat Business and Referrals

Establishing your Business as Best in Class

Advanced technologies keep you informed, in control and in good standing

Manage the foreclosure title process anytime, anyplace

Fortune File Tracker

Strengthening your relationships with current customers

With Fortune File Tracker all title related documents are stored online in a secure, password protected cloud based portal. Our software categorizes title documents by client and allows users to track the progress of title processing. 

The File Tracker technology enables closing stakeholders to:

  • Quickly determine status of any closing document

  • Access, monitor and report on the title process in real time with speed

This technology effectively minimizes the burden of organizing, monitoring and filing closing documents so that your team can work with greater speed and efficiency. Watch as the project management burden incurred with traditional title agencies is eliminated.

Digital Docs

Extending your relationships with customers well into the future

Fortune Title Agency’s automated document storage software delivers email reminders with real estate updates and helpful notices to your clients on your behalf.

This “hands-off” client messaging system keeps you connected. Our technology delivers automated alerts at the exact moments when past clients are interested in undergoing another real estate transaction. 

Our highly knowledgeable support team, online ordering & Fortune File Tracker technologies ensure that we establish your firm as best in class, while our Digital Docs technology makes certain your clients don’t forget about you.

Stay informed, in control & in good standing

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