Some classic tips can help you reach customers in the modern marketplace

As many of you know, our mantra is “Fortune Cares.” We care about our staff and consider each other family; we care about our community (through an initiative actually called Fortune Cares), and you know we care about our Realtor and lender friends too.

That’s why we’re sharing some “classic” tips we can all use to attract customers in today’s market. This list is loosely based on an Inman piece geared toward Realtors, but we think it applies to all of us.

Step 1:  Know your contracts. Let’s start with the foundation of being a real estate professional. Your customers are counting on you to be the expert for them. Make sure you are prepared for that role by knowing the latest rules and regulations.

Step 2. Mine for leads. Now, the good stuff. Be careful to not get so caught up in your daily appointments and tasks that you forget to feed your lead pipeline. Finding customers and building relationships will always be integral to our industry.

Step 3. Act fast. In today’s high-speed, digital world, people expect a response quickly. Whether you choose to use a chatbot or you schedule an hour every day to answer leads and customer questions, make sure you are responding to inquiries promptly.

Step 4. Deliver top-notch customer service. You could do everything else right, but if you don’t deliver amazing customer service, you risk the success of your business. With review sites at your customers’ fingertips, they’re quick to share their experience with you with their friends and the world.
With summer just around the corner, Fortune Title is the right choice when you need a caring, professional title and escrow partner. We have the expertise to make sure your customers don’t get burned before the closing table.

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